Why Unpaid Amnesty Programs Are a MISTAKE

The Ontario Police Department have just wrapped up their month-long April Amnesty drive, where they collected over 2000 unwanted firearms. 2000 firearms… that could have put money in pockets for vacations, paying bills, and retirement! According to the Waterloo police department’s website, “the amnesty program is designed to increase education as to what responsibilities there […]

It’s time for a change! With every single gun auction we hold at GTA Guns, we aim to improve our services. Over the last few years, we’ve worked to refine our auctions and make them as user-friendly as possible for both sellers and buyers. At our auctions, we take care of all the details, like […]

There’s nothing like the pulse-pounding excitement of a good auction! The very first time we held a GTA Guns auction, I knew they were something special. They’ve since become my favourite day of the month. Every month, we have hundreds of firearms, gun accessories like scopes, and other items of interest like throwing knives and […]

What’s your all-time favourite cop show? Turn on the television past 6pm and chances are that you will find a cop show playing on at least one station. Cop shows have been staples since television’s very beginning, applying varying levels of realism over the years depending on audience tastes and network censorship. Of course, every […]

Do you know that we auction off more than just guns? As soon as you contact GTA Guns about auctioning your firearms, you’ll know that you are in good hands. Since the first day we opened our doors, we have worked hard to build a reputation among gun-owners that we’d be very proud of. We […]