Is it Time to Auction Your Unused Guns?

Is it Time to Auction Your Unused Guns

Do you remember when you were young and your Mom would tell you to clean your room? “Why?”, you would think, “I have plenty of space!”

But then, of course, you grow up and eventually move into your own place. Suddenly, space becomes considerably more of an issue. No matter what age you are, whether you’re in your first real apartment in your early 20s, owning your own home in your 30s, or even moving into a retirement home in your senior years, space is always at a premium. No matter how much space you have, it always seems to get filled up fast with clutter. That’s why, every now and then, we have to take a good, hard look at the clutter and figure out what you want to stay and what you want to go. If you have an extensive firearm collection full of guns that you never use, these could be good candidates to get rid of. The best thing about getting rid of your unused guns is, unlike throwing out other kinds of clutter, you can make a heck of a profit!

But how do you go about selling your guns for a reasonable price? Going online to sell them just isn’t safe, with high probability of getting scammed. Selling to professional firearm collectors sounds like a good idea, but how do you find them? You could always take your unused firearms to the gun store to unload them, but you are likely to get a less-than-fair price (kind of like selling a used car).

No, the best possible way to sell your unused firearms is, unquestionably, through a GTA Guns auction.

How GTA Guns Makes Selling Your Firearms Easy

There is far more to selling unused firearms than just exchanging them for money. You need to make sure the firearm is in perfect working condition. You need to know how much to sell the gun for. You need to make sure that the gun is properly transferred to the buyer. And you need to figure out a surefire method of getting paid. Well, all of those problems are taken care of when you list your firearms with GTA Guns auctions.


When we list a firearm in our auctions, we need to be sure that it’s in great condition. The only way we can ensure this is to check out the gun ourselves. With GUNCHECK™, we put your unused firearms through a round of rigorous testing. If you’re planning on selling semi-automatic firearms, we put them through CYCLECHECK™, where we double-check the firing cycle. By the time we are done, you will know the condition of your firearms so that they’re ready to be auctioned at the best possible price.


In private firearm sales, paperwork is, by far, the biggest headache. You need to transfer the firearm to the buyer, you need to figure out what the best method of being paid is, etc. We handle all of that at GTA Guns. You just have to transport your unused firearms to us and we take care of the rest. After the sale, the firearm will be transferred and transported to the buyer without you having to do a thing. The money raised through the auction will be put into your bank account, safe and sound.

The Auction

Since we moved the “location” of our firearm auctions online, we’ve had a huge surge of interest from collectors all over North America. This is a huge market of gun enthusiasts that no one else has access to. Many collectors browse our auction site every day, making bids and determining exactly what items they want. This can often result in bidding wars, driving up the price of your firearms, bringing in additional money for you!


For someone who loves guns, getting rid of their unused firearms is never an easy thing to do. Even if you have no other choice because you are downsizing, it can feel like losing an old friend. Part of the beauty of  GTA Guns auctions is that you can be sure your unused firearms will be going to folks who love guns just as much as you do. So don’t worry, we’ll find them a good home!

If, on the other hand, you can’t bear to part with your unused firearms, there is one other option. You could store them in our Safe Storage facility for firearms! If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns Auctions, Safe Storage, or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us about any questions you may have.