Information for Seniors

Have you ever had an uncomfortable conversation with your parents? Now, we’re not talking about the birds and the bees conversation you had when you were a preteen! We mean a conversation that many people need to have with their aging parents about their safety as they grow older. For example, you may need to […]

What plans have you made for the end of your life? Have you considered what will happen to your firearms after you pass? We know, talking about death is a heavy question. If you’re younger, the very idea of writing your Will might seem foreign. But believe us, it’s something that your parents worry about […]

If you’re concerned with your elderly parents’ wellbeing right now, you’re not alone. With our elderly population being especially susceptible to COVID-19, children of seniors are currently very worried about their health and safety. This concern is doubly warranted if there are also firearms in their parents’ home. This is one reason why GTA Guns […]

Why Gun Amnesty Programs Are *NOT* The Best Option for Seniors & Widows

Have you ever given a firearm to an Ontario gun amnesty program? Gun amnesty programs in Ontario are presented as one of the most effective and efficient ways of getting old guns off the street. They’re designed to minimize the number of guns that are circulating, theoretically preventing criminals from getting their hands on weapons. […]

Firearm Safety For Seniors

Do you have elderly family members who own guns? One of the wonderful things about retirement is that it frees up time for seniors to enjoy more of what they love to do, like spending time with the grandchildren or a weekend of hunting. There’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying some quality time that involves […]

How GTA Guns Can Help Elderly Firearm Lovers Downsize Their Collection

Downsizing can be an excellent way for the elderly to enjoy more free time. If you’re like us, then hunting and shooting is probably high up on your list of favourite activities. Maybe you’ve spent years building an amazing firearm collection? If so, you know how rewarding owning a gun collection can be! But you […]

Nothing pulls a family together like the death of a loved one. Old grudges are forgotten and fights are put aside as folks gather to say goodbye for the last time. But after the mourning is over, the family issues that were once often ignored can reappear with a vengeance. That’s why it’s so important […]

Do you have a will? What other post-death plans have you arranged? Are you sure you’ve covered everything? No one likes to think about death, especially their own. It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable to contemplate. That said, proper estate planning can greatly simplify things for your loved ones after you’re gone. A detailed and comprehensive will […]

What do we do if Dad is no longer competent with firearms? If it hasn’t happened already, it will. Estate-Gun-Management 31 May 2017 Executors now have a nasty little tax called the Estate Administration Tax to deal with before the will can be probated. Essentially, all that we own left in our estate must be appraised […]

Not ready to sell your collection? Store your firearms before moving to a seniors’ residence Seniors who are firearms collectors and sportsmen have a difficult choice to make when they’re facing the prospect of retiring to a seniors’ community living residence or nursing home: What should they do about their cherished firearms collection? No senior […]