Top Shooting Tips for Improving Your Aim

How often do you use your firearms? There’s only one thing better than collecting firearms, and that’s shooting them! There’s that thrill when you pull the trigger and hit your target that just makes you feel so alive—well, that is… IF you hit your target! Merely purchasing a beautiful and functional firearm through GTA Guns […]

Activities to Do With Your Guns in Ontario

Is your gun collection gathering dust? Chances are that, if you live in the GTA, you might not have a ton of opportunities to actually use your firearms. If you’re looking to dust off your old guns and put them to good use, then check out these fun and exciting activities you can legally do […]

Where Can You Learn to Shoot in Ontario?

Are you looking to take up shooting? Or maybe you already have a firearm collection and you’d like to improve your shot? So long as you practice proper firearm safety, shooting can be loads of fun! From weekends spent hunting, to days out on the shooting range, to special events like Cowboy Action Shooting, there’s […]

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What about Disney World? Or the Bahamas? Heck, doesn’t a beautiful trip through the Rocky Mountains sound nice? The fact is, vacations are more expensive than ever—there’s no denying that. Between airfare, accommodations, food, attractions, car rentals, and many other expenses, it can drain your pocketbook fast. […]

Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy? Gun culture is as varied and fragmented as any other kind of culture. The gun culture in the United States and the gun culture here in Canada are completely different. There’s hunting culture, the culture of self-defense, and then there’s the culture of people who appreciate history… […]