How Should I Store My Guns Safely?

How Should I Store My Guns Safely

Is safety on your mind when you choose where to store your firearms?

It should be! By carefully considering your firearm storage options, you can eliminate the possibility of accidents, potential theft, and even long-term environmental damage.

Gun Storage Options at Home

Ok, first off, no one should store their rifle under the bed.

Many considered this to be a viable storage option just a few decades ago, but thankfully, things have changed since then. Storing a firearm in an easily-accessible place (like under the bed) used to be the plot in those terrible elementary school gun safety videos from the 90s. They had horrible acting, ridiculous costumes, and frankly, didn’t do a great job teaching kids about the importance of firearm safety. That’s why it’s up to you!

If you have children in your home, it’s your responsibility to teach them the dangers of firearms. By actually showing your kids the firearms, you can dispel any mystique and curiosity before they go looking for them.

Even if you teach your kids about gun safety, you still need to take safety precautions to ensure that firearms and ammo are stored securely in your home. First, you should never store ammo WITH your firearms. You should keep them in separate locations to minimize the chance of accidents. And it almost goes without saying that ammo should never be stored IN a firearm. Keeping your ammo far away from your guns is the law. According to the Firearms Act, people should store a firearm where

(c) it is not readily accessible to ammunition, unless the ammunition is stored, together with or separately from the firearm, in a container or receptacle that is kept securely locked and that is constructed so that it cannot readily be broken open or into.

The best place to keep your firearms in a home environment is in a gun safe. This will not only provide a high level of security, but could also protect them against environmental damage (like humidity that could result in rust). But that’s only if you spend the money on a quality safe, though.

A cheap gun safe can be a barrier against people looking to steal or play with them. But they can also trap humidity inside the safe, endangering the firearms within. If you are storing your firearm safe in a basement, the risk of this will only increase.

If you only have one or two guns, buying a high-quality firearm safe is a wise and vital investment. It will protect your family, keep your firearms in top condition, and dissuade theft. However, firearm safes might not be a viable option if you have an extensive collection.

Excellent quality safes take up a lot of space and are incredibly heavy. If you have a firearm collection, that means you will likely need several firearm safes to store it in. That will be very expensive, very fast. And once those safes are placed in your home, that is likely where they will stay unless you move to a new house. In other words, buying firearm safes for your collection might become cost-prohibitive. Thankfully, there are much better options!

New and Improved GTA Guns Safe Storage

While we’ve been running our safe storage facility for a few years now, we’ve recently made some big changes to improve our customers’ experiences. Now our facility is an even better value and far more convenient for firearm enthusiasts who are looking for a place to keep their guns.

First, with the right storage package, you have 24/7 access to your stored guns! You no longer need to make an appointment to pick up or drop off your firearms. Instead, you can visit our Newmarket facility whenever you want.

Your firearm locker will be secure behind two electronic security devices and one mechanical security device. This ensures that the only one who will have access to your firearms is YOU. If you love hunting or heading to the firing range every week, then this storage option is a complete game changer!

If you have a larger collection of firearms that you rarely use recreationally, we still have our long-term storage options. Yes, you will need to call ahead for pick-ups and drop-offs, but we can guarantee that your firearms will be in good hands!

Our entire safe storage facility is climate-controlled and dehumidified, meaning that all guns are stored in optimal conditions. No chance of rusting when they’re in our lockers! For self-storage, you can choose from a long locker (15″ wide, 18″ deep, and 72″ high with 2 top shelves) or a pistol locker (12″x12″x18″). We offer larger storage capacity in our long-term, non-accessible storage for more extensive firearm collections.

If you also require temporary, short-term storage, we can accommodate you too. Maybe you are going on vacation and don’t want to keep firearms at home while you’re away. Or perhaps you’re moving, but won’t move into your new house for a few days and need a safe place to store your collection. Whatever your short-term gun storage needs, we can help!

Storing your firearms safely might be the most important duty of any gun owner. By taking suitable precautions, you can keep your firearms secure in your home and protect them from environmental dangers. Or, if you’d prefer, you could bring your guns to us, and we can store them for you! If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns safe storage, our online firearm auctions, or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us.