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How to Maintain the Value of Your Firearm Collection

Do you know how much your firearm collection is worth? There are many reasons why people collect firearms. They could be big hunting fans and want a variety of rifles to choose from when heading out into nature. Or maybe they find firearms to be beautiful items. Or perhaps they simply enjoy collecting and have […]

I Have to Execute a Will That Includes Firearms. So, Now What?

Have you ever been the executor of an estate that contained multiple firearms? As the executor of a will, there’s an incredible weight on your shoulders. You must execute the post-mortem wishes of your client while also working with those still processing a loved one’s death. In many cases, everything is simple. There’s a will […]

Money Saving Tips for Gun Collectors

How much money do you spend every year on your firearm collection? There’s a perception out there that gun collecting is a rather expensive hobby. And… yes, there might be some truth to that, especially if you’re on the hunt for rare and valuable pieces. But buying firearms doesn’t have to break the bank, especially […]