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We now offer 5 methods of selling your firearms.

1. The regular auction method.

The following is Wikipedia’s definition of market value or, open market value. “Market value or OMV (Open Market Valuation) is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive auction setting.”

This is what we do. We reach out to a huge audience of over 65,000 people registered to be notified of guns for sale to create that competitive auction setting

2. The Buy It Now method.

Some sellers wish to post their guns on our site to expose them for a period of time to interested buyers at a price set by the owner. This is done for a fee and the posting lasts 2 months.

3. Silent Auction method. (see further down on this page)

This is reserved for higher end firearms and a minimum acceptable bid is established. Pictures and descriptions are posted on our Silent Auction page for 2 months. Bidders submit bids online and we manage the bidding action. If the item’s bid does not meet the minimum bid established by the owner, the item is returned to him/her. For this we charge a flat fee and performance bonus.

4. Outright purchase method.

This is my least favourite as our main agenda is to maximize the prices we get for owners through our auction methods. Outright purchases force us to perform like a used gun dealer or individual buyer. In other words, pay you as little as we can to mitigate the inventory risk we take on in doing so.

5. Brokered Deal

For collector guns only. We have access to many of the collectors’ groups and we will negotiate a sale of your rare collectible firearm.

Look at some of the gems we sold for people just like you.

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Who are we?

GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. is Ontario’s reputable firearms auctioneer. We are firearms enthusiasts and experts. Our goal is to maximize value for both buyers and sellers of firearms with useful information and transparent, equitable processes for legally purchasing or selling firearms on our online auction at a fair price. See our explainer video. So, if you are selling guns, call us today.

We are currently accepting new firearms consignments for future gun auctions. You may be seeking to sell estate guns, sell hunting gear, sell militaria or sell reloading equipment. We take the burden from you of selling gun collections, collecting the money and ensuring that only licensed individuals buy them. So, if you are a gun owner wishing to sell guns, executor selling estate guns, a retiree wishing to dispose of a gun collection, or a widow who wants to sell, appraise, or store the firearms in now your possession, please contact us.

Our not so secret success formula is very simple. To get you and us the highest prices, we have to make the bidders confident that they are not buying someone else’s problem. If you have ever bought a used car, you know what I am talking about.

We go out of our way to ensure firearms sold through us perform properly and we prove it. Here’s how.

We own the trademark for CYCLECHECK.

Buyers are worried semi-automatic guns they might buy through auctions are sold because they do not cycle. We prove that they do. Used semi-automatics listed for auction will have a video posted of our test firing on our Icollector bidding site. Those that fail are repaired prior to shipping. This give buyers more peace of mind.

We also own the trademark for GUNCHECK.

In the back of every bidder’s mind is the worry that they might buy a gun that has issues. With GTA Gun Auctions, a licensed gunsmith inspects every used firearm and issues a condition report. This maximizes buyers’ bidding confidence.

We are the only gun auction company providing guarantees.

To top it all off, if a buyer receives a firearm from us that fails to function, we will repair it for free, refund the shipping and pay for the shipping back to the buyer.

We attract large audiences of buyers to our auction site and online, and we maximize the value of the firearms you wish to sell in several ways:

  • We thoroughly inspect and clean all firearms to be put up for auction
  • Our certified gunsmith will appraise and grade all firearms up for auction using our proprietary GUNCHECK™ verification process
  • Semi-automatic firearms are range tested prior to delivery. The process is called CYCLECHECK TM and we post the video of the semi-automatic firearm on the auction site.
  • We will pick up your firearms and transport them to our secure storage facility (fees may apply)
  • We are partnered with Icollector to help attract interested buyers from around the world
  • The above extras are included in the industry standard seller’s fee.
  • We have added 2 guarantees.  (1), We guarantee that all firearms bought through us operate. If not, we will pay for the shipping and repair. (2) For items sold above $3,000, we have a satisfaction guarantee to the buyer. If they are not fully satisfied, they may return the gun to us and we will sell it at our next auction for no seller’s fee. (30 day maximum)

GTA Guns and Gear Auctions also sells used hunting and shooting supplies, including:

  • Reloading equipment
  • Ammunition
  • Crossbows
  • Long bows
  • Camping equipment
  • Spotting scopes
  • Range finders

Introducing Silent Auction

Now, you can sell a high end firearm and name your minimum price.

You may want to sell a very expensive firearm worthy of our advanced auction service. To qualify, your firearm must have a value in excess of $5,000.

We will post your high end firearm on our Silent Auction page for 60 days, send out an e-blast to more than 65,000 interested gun enthusiasts enticing them to place a bid. We manage the entire process. You and I will decide on a minimum value for the item to be sold.

In this way, you are guaranteed a minimum price or it will not be sold.

There is a flat fee for this service plus a performance bonus.

If you have a question, please visit our Firearms Resources FAQs page or contact us directly. We look forward to serving you!

Gun Amnesty Programme

Did you know that we can legally and responsibly sell your unwanted guns for you even if you do not possess a firearms license? We can also sell unregistered restricted firearms for you. If you are currently unlicensed or the restricted firearm is not registered, you could be found guilty of a felony. If so, it is a permanent record and you will not be allowed entry into the U.S. or board a plane going out of the country.

We can fix this.

Just call us at (844)482-4644 for a discrete discussion.

Other services

Registering non-registered firearms.

If you are in possession of a restricted firearm and it is not registered, you have every reason to be concerned. We can help. Do not hesitate to call us. Avoid a criminal record.

Selling prohibited firearms.

The market for prohibited firearms shrinks every day. This means that you will get a higher price today than you will tomorrow. Call us to have your prohibited guns sold in our very next auction.

Gun storage

You may need a short term storage for your guns or long term storage for your firearms. If you are moving into a residence that does not allow firearms, we can store the guns for you until you wish to access them again. We have a secure, licensed and insured facility.

Selling antique guns

This is a specialized field. It requires knowledgeable people to develop a good story. We have such people.

Assistance for executors with estate guns

Are you an executor selling a gun collection? We can advise you on the procedures and legalities of dealing with firearms in an estate. There is no fee for this service.