There are many reasons to get a Firearms Appraisal but generally they fall into 3 categories.

  1. Legal reasons.
    • Estate gun appraisals
    • Divorce gun appraisals
  2. Insurance reasons.
    • Appraisals on firearms to establish loss due to fire, theft and damage.
  3. Curiosity.

The curiosity reason is by far the most common reason why gun owners want to know the market value of their firearms.

In economics 101, they teach that an item’s value is the price someone is willing to pay you for it today in an open competitive market environment. Note the period. Something’s value has nothing to do with what you paid for it or how much you think it is worth.

Our job is to create that open competitive market environment so gun enthusiasts will do bidding battle on our bidding platform.

In order for us to find multiple bidders for an item, we pay to have an enormous e-blast of 65,000+ subscribers who are interested to know about firearms for sale.

We are really good at finding the Top Value for the guns we have for sale.

What do we do that is different and better than anyone else?

We have discovered that to make the seller happier, we need to make the buyer happier and how do we do that? Better information as to the condition of the firearm.


  1. We start with better photography. High-resolution pictures that clearly illustrate the condition of the item. This reduces the bidders’ uncertainty which translates into higher bids. This includes fiber-optic bore pictures.
  2. We continue with a gunsmith’s professional examination of all of the firearms. Bidders again have more confidence knowing that a specialist has checked things out.
  3. Further, we range test every semi-automatic to ensure they operate smoothly. No one wants to buy someone else’s problem.
  4. We have added 2 guarantees.  (1), We guarantee that all firearms bought through us operate. If not, we will pay for the shipping and repair. (2) For items sold above $3,000, we have a satisfaction guarantee to the buyer. If they are not fully satisfied, they may return the gun to us and we will sell it at our next auction for no seller’s fee. (30 day maximum) We will have already made payment to the seller.
  5. To top it all off, we are closest to the wealthy Toronto buyers market.
  6. We make payment to the seller within 6 business days following the auction.