Sport Ear Ghost Stryke

  • Digital protection and enhancement without the bulk
  • Hear everything you want, protected against any noise over 85dB
  • Hottest industry product in the hearing protection category right now
  • Up to 6X volume gain, volume control

MSRP $649.00


  • This unique ear enhancement/suppression system is for the serious sportsman/woman. If you are a long term shooter, you have hearing loss. You need to protect what you still have and need help in the bush hearing as well. This does the whole shebang. I was so impressed, I bought one myself ready for deer season. Take advantage of our introductory offer right now.
  • As this is tuned to your specific hearing needs, you will require a hearing test by an audiologist. (Free every 3 years)

$599.00 + Tax

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