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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Auctioneer to Sell Your Firearms

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Dear Gordon,

I extend my most sincere thank-you for managing the sale of my two handguns. I have never used an auction service to sell any of my firearms in the past, and quite frankly I was more than a little nervous. When you and your associate came to my home, you not only answered all of my questions(with great patience), you provided myself with details that I had not thought of. Being an avid gun collector for more than forty years, I have bought and sold a great number of firearms and may I say I have never sold a firearm through a third party. A third party with your experience, knowledge and above all your honesty and integrity. Herein, I give consent for you to have any future clients call me directly should they have any reservations of any kind. Gord, I believe this is just the start of what I hope to be a lasting relationship.


Dear Gord

Thank you very much for my cheque received today.  I am very pleased with the result you achieved for me. I trust your business will continue to do well.

With kind regards,

Hello Gord,

I am very pleased with the two bayonets I bought at auction, Portugese #230 and Brazilian #238.
Excellent condition for both.
Keep up the good work with the quality.  I have been mislead at other auctions with descriptions and condition issues.
On your upcoming auction: what is the date of the Lee Enfields with the sequential serial numbers?


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There are many reasons why someone would want an appraisal for value of firearms they own. Generally they fall into 3 categories.

  1. Legal reasons.
    1. Estate gun appraisals
    2. Divorce gun appraisals
  2. Insurance reasons.
    1. Appraisals on firearms to establish loss due to fire, theft and damage.
  3. Curiosity.

The curiosity reason is by far the most common reason why gun owners want to know the market value of their firearms.

In economics 101, they teach that an item’s value is the price someone is willing to pay you for it today. Note the period.

Our job is to find that someone. Actually, many someones who are willing to do battle with others on our bidding platform.

In order for us to find multiple bidders for an item, we pay to have an enormous e-blast of 62,000+ subscribers who are interested to know about firearms for sale.

We are really good at finding the top value for the guns we have for sale.